What is the class like?

  • Each session is composed of three classes meeting once per week for two hours, for a total of six hours. In that time, you will be given practice tests and learn the strategies for each subtest. For example, in science you will learn how to manage your time, the best way to tackle the conflicting viewpoints passage, and more. You get to practice the skills in class and at home. Additional practice tests are available upon request.

  • Classes are taught by certified teachers with a proven record of helping students improve their ACT scores.

I can't come to a group class or I prefer to meet one-on-one. Do you have individual tutoring?

  • Yes! We understand that you may have school, activity, or work conflicts that make it hard to come to the regularly scheduled group sessions. You may just prefer to meet individually. Please email jcactprep@gmail.com or call 660-460-6542 to learn more and schedule a time.

How much will my score improve if I take this class?

  • Every person in the room has a different set of strengths and weaknesses, but they also have different needs. The class will teach you the strategies to complete the test in the given time, how to predict the types of questions and practice for them, and help you identify your weaknesses so you can study efficiently. Whether your first score was a 20 or a 28, you will learn how to improve it.

What is a good score on the ACT?

  • ACT reported the national average for 2020-2021 was a composite score of 20. If you scored above 20, you did better than the average for that reporting period. If you improve your score to a 24, you would be in the 75th percentile of test takers. But, what does that mean to you? Check out the admission and scholarship requirements for the schools you are interested in and use that information to help you set your goal.

Do I need to take the ACT if schools are making scores optional?

  • Pandemic related admission changes have made it even tougher to decide if and when you want to send ACT scores to colleges. While there are test-optional schools, the optional part makes it tricky. If you do not take the ACT and do not submit scores, you will be typically be evaluated for scholarships and admission based on your high school transcript and application essay questions. If you think you stand out and meet the admission requirements, you may not need to take the ACT. However, test-optional means some students will submit scores. Taking the ACT may increase your chances of admission, speed the admission process, and offer more opportunities for scholarships.

How do I register for the ACT?

  • Please visit act.org to register for your preferred ACT test date and location as well as registration deadlines.

Where is the class and what should I bring?

  • The classroom is located at 1022 Northeast Drive, Suite G. It is conveniently located off of Southwest Blvd in Jefferson City. There is a map below.

  • You will need to bring a pencil for all of the classes, notebook paper if you like to take notes, and a calculator for the math class.


Email jcactprep@gmail.com or call 660-460-6542