Math Tips

  • Start with to see which topics are covered.

  • Always read the entire question so you know what to solve for.

  • Take advantage of the given answers to save time. Try to eliminate obviously wrong answers, backsolve, estimate if possible.

  • Practice, practice, practice. Don't peek at the key until you finish. If you aren't sure how to solve a problem, there are great walkthroughs on YouTube.

  • Use the scoring guide and answer key as a tool. The key breaks down the answers by reporting category so you can find your areas of weakness.

Science Tips

  • Start with to see the three types of passages.

  • Think of it as a reading test with science information.

  • Look at the passage and any graphs/data tables, but don't read everything. Just read what you need to in order to answer the questions.

  • Save the Conflicting Viewpoints passage and questions for last.

  • Practice pacing and prioritize which questions to answer first. It is easy to run out of time on the science test.

  • Watch out for most likely/more likely questions. These require an educated guess such as extrapolation or basic science knowledge.